Best Press Release Submission Tips You Will Read This Year

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Best Press Release Submission Tips You Will Read This Year


When you're writing a press release, you want to be sure that it reaches the right audience. Fortunately for writers and editors, there are many different places where your story can be published: local television stations, industry publications, magazines with a submit press release online particular interest in your industry or product line and consumer publications like newspaper inserts. Here's how each type of publication works:

Local media

Local media is a good place to start. If you have a story that's of interest to their readership, local media may be more likely to cover it than national outlets. In fact, they're often the first ones in town to cover stories that local residents want to be covered. If you get your press release submitted through their website and are chosen as a candidate for coverage by the editor or reporter submit a press release who reviews your submission, you'll have an excellent chance at getting your story out there!

Industry publications

Industry publications are a good place to look for news that your industry may be interested in. You can find these by searching for the submit news release name of your industry and the word 'magazine.' Examples include The Economist, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Magazines with a particular interest

  • If you are a travel company, submit to travel magazines.

  • If your company is in the fashion industry, submit to fashion magazines.

  • If your company specializes in education and learning, look for publications that focus on educational issues and topics.

  • And finally, if you’re developing technology-related products or services and would like to reach out to tech journalists who may be interested in writing about them, press release submission sites consider targeting publications such as The New York Times Technology Review or ZDNet Media Network (ZDNet).

Consumer publications

Consumer publications are publications that target a specific consumer group. For example, parenting magazines seek to provide information about raising children and how to raise them well. They also publish stories about parenting issues like divorce or drunk driving accidents.

Consumer publications are interested in stories that appeal to their readers' interests and concerns, so it's important for you not only paid press release submission sites to make sure your article has something new but also something interesting enough that it will attract the attention of these editors (who often have very limited time).

Consider where your story would be relevant when submitting a press release.

  • Consider who is your audience. If a story is relevant to a specific industry, then it's important to consider the audience and their interests when submitting the press release.

  • Consider what publication would be most appropriate for your story. This could be based on the type of business that you're in, or even something as simple as geographical proximity—if there isn't one near you, then consider whether or not it makes sense for them to cover this particular event locally or regionally instead of nationally (or even internationally).

  • Evaluate whether or not this story has any potential for being newsworthy itself by determining if there are any other outlets such as blogs or social media pages that might add value to having their own coverage on such an event/subject matter; press release submission if so then consider asking them first before sending out any emails!


All these sources are good starting points to find a story that’s relevant to your business, but it’s important to remember that not every publication will be interested in your press release. A lot depends on whether or not the storyline is interesting enough and if there is a strong hook for journalists to write about it.

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