What To Know About Fall Booster Shots Of Coronavirus Vaccine

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By Laurie McGinley, The Washington Post

Aug. 31, 2022 -- New coronavirus boosters are conscionable astir the country pursuing authorization Wednesday by national regulators. The updated shots are designed to supply a stronger shield against the BA.4 and BA.5 omicron subvariants inactive causing tens of thousands of infections and hundreds of deaths each time successful the United States.

The boosters volition beryllium portion of a run by the national government, to beryllium kicked disconnected wrong days, to transportation Americans to bolster their immune defenses earlier a imaginable surge successful covid-19 cases arsenic cooler upwind arrives successful the fall.

But the updated boosters person generated immoderate contention and confusion. Here's what you request to know.

When volition the shots beryllium available?

The boosters, aft receiving exigency usage authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, present person to get the blessing of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and its advisers. That reappraisal is scheduled for Thursday. If each goes arsenic expected, immoderate shots could beryllium disposable this weekend, with much disposable close aft Labor Day.

Where tin I get 1 and however overmuch volition it cost?

The caller boosters, which are intended arsenic azygous shots, volition beryllium disposable astatine the aforesaid places wherever the erstwhile boosters and vaccines person been disposable - astatine doctors offices, hospitals, pharmacies and assemblage wellness clinics.

Like the different coronavirus shots, the updated boosters person been purchased by the national authorities and volition beryllium escaped to consumers.

Who are the boosters for?

The CDC is expected to urge the shots for the aforesaid ages authorized by the FDA: 12 and older for the caller booster from Pfizer and its German partner, BioNTech, and 18 and up for the Moderna booster. Officials are expected to see usage of the updated booster successful younger children later. Anyone who has received the two-shot superior bid of the mRNA vaccines and the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine volition beryllium eligible, careless of whether they received immoderate - oregon each - of the recommended booster shots.

The existing vaccine volition proceed to beryllium used, but lone for the archetypal two-shot bid of the mRNA, not arsenic a booster.

If I conscionable got a booster of the archetypal vaccine, should I get the caller 1 close away?

No. The FDA said radical who precocious received their archetypal vaccine oregon a booster should hold 2 months earlier getting the updated booster. Getting the caller booster excessively soon could bounds its effectiveness.

What are the broadside effects of the boosters?

Side effects are not expected to disagree from those associated with the existent vaccine, which see redness and swelling astatine the vaccine site, arsenic good arsenic occasional fatigue, headache and musculus soreness, according to the CDC. More superior reactions are rare.

The Washington Post's Lena H. Sun contributed to this report.

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