Watchdogs Attack Medicare Advantage for Denying Care, Overcharging

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By Fred Schulte, Kaiser Health News

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 (Kaiser News) -- Congress should ace down connected Medicare Advantage wellness plans for seniors that sometimes contradict patients captious aesculapian attraction portion overcharging the authorities billions of dollars each year, authorities watchdogs told a House sheet Tuesday.

Witnesses sharply criticized the fast-growing health plans astatine a proceeding held by the Energy and Commerce subcommittee connected oversight and investigations. They cited a slew of captious audits and different reports that described plans denying entree to wellness care, peculiarly those with precocious rates of patients who were disenrolled successful their past twelvemonth of beingness portion apt successful mediocre wellness and successful request of much services.

Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), seat of the subcommittee, said seniors should not beryllium “required to leap done galore hoops” to summation entree to wellness care.

The watchdogs besides recommended imposing limits connected home-based “health assessments,” arguing these visits tin artificially inflate payments to plans without offering patients due care. They besides called for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, oregon CMS, to revive a foundering audit programme that is much than a decennary down successful recouping billions successful suspected overpayments to the wellness plans, which are tally mostly by backstage security companies.

Related to denying treatment, Erin Bliss, a Department of Health and Human Services adjunct inspector general, said 1 Medicare Advantage program had refused a petition for a computed tomography, oregon CT, scan that “was medically indispensable to exclude a life-threatening diagnosis (aneurysm).”

The wellness program required patients to person an X-ray archetypal to beryllium a CT scan was needed.

Bliss said seniors “may not beryllium alert that they whitethorn look greater barriers to accessing definite types of wellness attraction services successful Medicare Advantage than successful archetypal Medicare.”

Leslie Gordon, of the Government Accountability Office, the watchdog limb of Congress, said seniors successful their past twelvemonth of beingness had dropped retired of Medicare Advantage plans astatine doubly the complaint of different patients leaving the plans.

Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J.), who chairs the influential Energy and Commerce Committee, said helium was “deeply concerned” to perceive that immoderate patients are facing “unwarranted barriers” to getting care.

Under archetypal Medicare, patients tin spot immoderate doc they want, though they whitethorn request to bargain a supplemental argumentation to screen gaps successful coverage.

Medicare Advantage plans judge a acceptable interest from the authorities for covering a person’s wellness care. The plans whitethorn supply other benefits, specified arsenic dental care, and outgo patients little out-of-pocket, though they bounds the prime of aesculapian providers arsenic a trade-off.

Those trade-offs aside, Medicare Advantage is intelligibly proving charismatic to consumers. Enrollment much than doubled implicit the past decade, reaching astir 27 cardinal radical successful 2021. That’s astir fractional of each radical connected Medicare, a inclination galore experts foretell volition accelerate arsenic legions of babe boomers retire.

James Mathews, who directs the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, which advises Congress connected Medicare policy, said Medicare Advantage could little costs and amended aesculapian attraction but “is not gathering this potential” contempt its wide acceptance among seniors.

Notably absent from the proceeding witnesser database was anyone from CMS, which runs the $350 billion-a-year program. The bureau took a walk adjacent though committee Republicans invited CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure to testify. Rep. Cathy Rodgers (R-Wash.) said she was “disappointed” CMS had punted, calling it a “missed opportunity.”

CMS did not respond to a petition for remark successful clip for publication.

AHIP, which represents the wellness security industry, released a connection that said Medicare Advantage plans “deliver amended service, entree to care, and worth for astir 30 cardinal seniors and radical with disabilities and for American taxpayers.”

At Tuesday’s hearing, some Republicans and Democrats stressed a request for improvements to the programme portion staunchly supporting it. Still, the item and grade of disapproval were unusual.

More typically, hundreds of members of Congress reason against making cuts to Medicare Advantage and mention its increasing popularity.

At the hearing, the watchdogs sharply criticized location visits, which person been arguable for years. Because Medicare Advantage pays higher rates for sicker patients, wellness plans tin nett from making patients look sicker connected insubstantial than they are. Bliss said Medicare paid $2.6 cardinal successful 2017 for diagnoses backed up lone by the wellness assessments; she said 3.5 cardinal members didn’t person immoderate records of getting attraction for aesculapian conditions diagnosed during those wellness appraisal visits.

Although CMS chose not to look astatine the hearing, officials intelligibly knew years agone that immoderate wellness plans were abusing the outgo strategy to boost profits yet for years ran the programme arsenic what 1 CMS authoritative called an “honor system.”

CMS aimed to alteration things starting successful 2007, erstwhile it rolled retired an audit program called “Risk Adjustment Data Validation,” oregon RADV. Health plans were directed to nonstop CMS aesculapian records that documented the wellness presumption of each diligent and instrumentality payments erstwhile they couldn’t.

The results were disastrous, showing that 35 of 37 plans picked for audit had been overpaid, sometimes by thousands of dollars per patient. Common conditions that were overstated oregon incapable to beryllium verified ranged from diabetes with chronic complications to major depression.

Yet CMS inactive has not completed audits dating arsenic acold backmost arsenic 2011, done which officials had expected to recoup much than $600 cardinal successful overpayments caused by unverified diagnoses.

In September 2019, KHN sued CMS nether the Freedom of Information Act to compel the bureau to merchandise audits from 2011, 2012, and 2013 — audits the bureau contends inactive aren’t finished. CMS is scheduled to merchandise the audits aboriginal this year.

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