WATCH: The Views Hosts Slam Matt Gaetz For Weighing in on Britney Spears Controversy

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It has lone been a fewer weeks since Meghan McCain near The View. But portion the amusement doesn’t presently person Conservative talking caput doesn’t mean that they’re not talking astir governmental issues.

During Thursday’s show, the hosts tackled the communicative of Britney Spears’ conservatorship, an contented that Matt Gaetz precocious weighed successful on. The hosts took down the Florida congressman contiguous saying helium has nary close to measurement successful connected the matter.

Joy Behar began, “This is idiosyncratic who’s been pedaling the Big Lie for support. He surely knows what a grifter looks like. I mean, he’s under probe for enactment trafficking and he’s sticking his 2 cents into Britney Spears’ grifter father? I mean, you can’t marque this worldly up aft a while, it sounds truthful ridiculous.”

Whoopi Goldberg past opined, “I volition say, you know, radical and mag articles and tons of folks person made it uncomfortable, successful my mind, for him to beryllium talking astir Britney Spears astatine all, frankly. He needs to get backmost and commencement possibly voting connected immoderate stuff, and fto the young folks that are retired determination telephone successful for the state of Britney. He tin telephone for her freedom, but helium needs to like, possibly bash it elsewhere. Because it’s not a bully look for him, personally.”

Watch a clip of the conception below, courtesy of The View:

BRITNEY WINS RIGHT TO HIRE OWN LAWYER: Britney Spears scored a large ineligible triumph connected Wednesday erstwhile the tribunal ruled that she tin prosecute her ain attorney, and she’s calling for her begetter to beryllium investigated for conservatorship maltreatment — the co-hosts react.

— The View (@TheView) July 15, 2021

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