Real reason de Kock walked out of World Cup

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Quinton de Kock's refusal to instrumentality a genu anterior to the T20 World Cup lucifer against West Indies was down to his content that it's a "token gesture", according to a South African cricket writer.

De Kock withdrew from the South African squad aft the squad was directed to instrumentality a genu by the game's governing assemblage successful that country.

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It came aft immoderate players stood with their hands down their backmost anterior to South Africa's lucifer against Australia connected Saturday, portion others knelt with a fist successful the air, and a 3rd radical stood with a raised fist.

Cricket South Africa past ordered each players to instrumentality a knee, starring to de Kock making himself unavailable for the lucifer against the West Indies.

South Africa's Quinton de Kock's aboriginal is up successful the air. (AP)

"The board's presumption was that portion diverseness tin and should find look successful galore facets of regular lives, this did not use erstwhile it came to taking a basal against racism," a connection said.

Speaking to SEN Radio, Johannesburg writer Lungani Zama pointed retired that the determination was lone communicated to the players successful the hours earlier the match.

"'Quinny' conscionable took umbrage astatine the information determination was an acquisition fixed with nary prime for players," helium said.

"The timing could person been a batch better, fixed the magnitude of clip South Africa person had to instrumentality a definitive, corporate stance connected it and they've astir made up the regularisation successful the mediate of a tourney up of a must-win game.

Quinton de Kock whitethorn person played his past lucifer for South Africa. (Getty)

"The erstwhile committee had said to them that each subordinate is allowed to explicit themselves successful whichever mode they deem fit."

Zama explained that de Kock's actions distant from the crippled showed that helium takes the contented of equality seriously.

"I'll suffice it by saying that Quinton de Kock, if you're asking maine if he's racist oregon against Black Lives Matter, I'll unequivocally accidental nary due to the fact that I cognize him personally," helium said.

"I cognize the enactment that he's done to amended the lives and experiences of achromatic players and achromatic radical astir him for years and years, agelong earlier Black Lives Matter was a inclination connected societal media."

According to Zama, the 28-year-old is upset astatine the imposition of a broad regularisation by Cricket South Africa, feeling that it takes distant the value of immoderate gesture.

Quinton de Kock whitethorn person played his last planetary match. (AP)

"I deliberation due to the fact that their law rights were taken distant from them, it was an acquisition from the brag erstwhile it hadn't been antecedently discussed," helium noted.

"Added to that, from my conversations with him before, helium sees it arsenic a token motion which has been watered down to astir mean nothing. It's thing that you person to bash to beryllium seen to beryllium doing the close thing.

"His penchant is to really bash the close thing, which helium does successful the mode that helium lives, the mode that helium interacts, and the mode that helium treats radical of each races.

"It's the token motion for him that's the issue.

"Unfortunately it's the cleanable tempest betwixt immoderate beauteous shoddy medication successful South African cricket and mixed messaging successful presumption of what players tin and cannot do."

That's a presumption shared by erstwhile Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist, who backed de Kock's close to marque his ain informed choice.

Former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist. (Getty)

"I wholly hold that it's a overmuch much worthwhile, meaningful travel if the idiosyncratic is capable to larn what they tin and settee connected a comfy determination for themselves, alternatively than being forced, and ramrodded down a peculiar argumentation that has intelligibly been made connected the run," Gilchrist said connected SEN.

The erstwhile brag of the the Australian Cricket Board (now Cricket Australia), Malcolm Speed, who went connected to tally the International Cricket Council, besides told SEN that Cricket South Africa's determination to enforce a broad regularisation was a span excessively far.

"It's imposing connected players an work to enactment a motivation issue, and that takes it an other measurement from wherever we've been successful the past," helium said.

"Cricket boards should not beryllium allowed to spell that acold and nonstop players connected ethical and motivation issues.

"Sexism, homophobia, we could marque a database of different issues, if we commencement telling players that this is the presumption you indispensable instrumentality connected this issue, that's a measurement excessively acold successful my view."

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