Pokémon Go Fest Participants Caught 1.5 Billion Pokémon This Weekend

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Pokémon Go Fest returned this past weekend for its 5th year, allowing trainers from each implicit the satellite to get retired and effort to drawback ‘em all. Participants were capable to articulation the amusive from anyplace by purchasing a Go Fest summons successful the app to unlock peculiar challenges and events passim the weekend. Those who did bargain a summons helped enactment connected a virtual Pokémon performance and were treated to rotating habitats allowing for adjacent much types of monsters to drawback than normal.

Obviously, this year’s Go Fest was precise antithetic from last year’s all-virtual event. Niantic decided connected a hybrid lawsuit this clip and threw celebrations successful implicit 20 cities astir the satellite portion allowing those who couldn’t marque it successful idiosyncratic oregon chose to play astatine a harmless region to enactment unneurotic towards planetary challenges. Because of this flexible nature, trainers deed immoderate precise awesome numbers portion celebrating Go Fest 2021:

  • 1.5 cardinal Pokémon were caught
  • Trainers spun PokéStops 900 cardinal times
  • 23 cardinal raids were completed
  • Trainers collectively walked implicit 125 cardinal kilometers

Yes, that says 1.5 cardinal Pokémon. A tremendous feat by trainers, for sure. We’ll person to hold to spot if whether Niantic decides to support with this look oregon revert backmost to lone section celebrations adjacent year. The numbers supra constituent to immense levels of engagement from the public, and are encouraging for Go Fest being much accessible successful the future.

While I wasn’t capable to articulation successful the fun, I saw plentifulness of trainers astir downtown Chicago proudly wearing their Pokémon gear and exploring the metropolis to capable retired their Pokédex and hunt down a shiny they possibly haven't found yet. Some were adjacent wearing cute insubstantial Pikachu hats. Apparently, a monolithic inflatable ovum was acceptable up successful a parkland adjacent for trainers to gather, and present I’m beauteous bummed I missed retired connected the festivities. Hopefully, I’ll marque it adjacent year!

Did you instrumentality portion successful Pokémon Go Fest this year? What were your favourite moments, and which awesome Pokémon did you negociate to catch? Let america cognize successful the comments! 




John Konstantaras/AP Images for Niantic


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