Long COVID Doubles Risk of Some Serious Outcomes in Children, Teens: Study

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Aug. 4, 2022 – CDC researchers study that children and teenagers with long COVID person astir doubly the hazard of getting superior outcomes, compared to others without COVID.

Heart inflammation; a humor clot successful the lung; oregon a blood clot successful the little leg, thigh, oregon pelvis were the astir communal atrocious outcomes successful a caller study. Even though the hazard was higher for these and immoderate different superior events, the wide numbers were small.

"Many of these conditions were uncommon oregon uncommon among children successful this analysis, but adjacent a tiny summation successful these conditions is notable," a CDC caller merchandise stated.

The investigators said their findings accent the value of COVID-19 vaccination successful Americans nether the property of 18.

The study was published online Thursday successful the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR).

Less Is Known About Long COVID successful Kids

Lyudmyla Kompaniyets, PhD, and colleagues noted that astir probe connected agelong COVID to day has been done successful adults, truthful small accusation is disposable astir the risks to Americans ages 17 and younger.

To larn more, they compared post-COVID symptoms and conditions betwixt 781,419 children and teenagers with confirmed COVID-19 to different 2,344,257 without COVID-19. They looked astatine aesculapian claims and laboratory information for these children and teenagers from March 1, 2020, done January 31, 2022, to spot who got immoderate of 15 circumstantial outcomes linked to agelong COVID.

Long COVID was defined arsenic a information wherever symptoms that past for oregon statesman astatine slightest 4 weeks aft a COVID diagnosis.

Compared to kids with nary past of a COVID-19 diagnosis, the agelong COVID-19 radical was:

  • 101% much apt to person an acute pulmonary embolism (blood clot successful the lung)
  • 99% much apt to person myocarditis (heart musculus inflammation) oregon cardiomyopathy (when the bosom is weakened and has a hard clip pumping blood)
  • 87% much apt to person a venous thromboembolic lawsuit (blood clot successful a vein)
  • 32% much apt to person acute and unspecified renal nonaccomplishment (when the kidneys can’t filter discarded from your blood)
  • 23% much apt to person type 1 diabetes

"This study points to the information that the risks of COVID corruption itself, some successful presumption of the acute effects, MIS-C, arsenic good arsenic the semipermanent effects, are real, are concerning, and are perchance precise serious," says Stuart Berger, MD, seat of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section connected Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.

MIS-C is multisystem inflammatory syndrome successful children, a information wherever galore parts of the assemblage go inflamed, that has been linked to COVID-19.

"The connection that we should instrumentality distant from this is that we should beryllium precise keen connected each the methods of prevention for COVID, particularly the vaccine," says Berger, who is besides main of cardiology successful the Department of Pediatrics astatine Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine successful Chicago.

A 'Wake-Up Call'

The survey findings are "sobering” and are "a reminder of the seriousness of COVID infection," says Gregory Poland, MD, an infectious illness adept astatine the Mayo Clinic successful Rochester, MN.

"When you look successful peculiar astatine the much superior complications from COVID successful this young property group, those are life-altering complications that volition person consequences and ramifications passim their lives," helium says.

"I would instrumentality this arsenic a superior wake-up telephone to parents [at a clip when] the immunization rates successful younger children are truthful pitifully low," Poland says.

Still Early Days

The survey is suggestive but not definitive, says Peter Katona, MD, a prof of medicine and infectious diseases adept astatine the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

It's inactive excessively aboriginal to gully conclusions astir agelong COVID, including successful children, due to the fact that galore questions remain, helium says: Should agelong COVID beryllium defined arsenic symptoms astatine 1 period oregon 3 months aft infection? How bash you specify brain fog?

Katona and colleagues are studying agelong COVID involution among students astatine UCLA to reply immoderate of these questions, including the incidence and effect of aboriginal intervention.

The survey had "at slightest 7 limitations," the researchers noted. Among them was the usage of aesculapian claims information that noted agelong COVID outcomes but not however terrible they were; immoderate radical successful the nary COVID radical mightiness person had the unwellness but not been diagnosed; and the researchers did not set for vaccination status.

Poland notes that the survey was done during surges successful COVID variants including Delta and Omicron. In different words, immoderate agelong COVID effects linked to much caller variants similar BA.5 oregon BA.2.75 are unknown.

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