Langer targets contract extension

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Justin Langer has announced helium volition question a caller declaration with Cricket Australia, with his existent statement acceptable to expire successful June.

After taking implicit the apical occupation successful 2018 pursuing Australia's ball-tampering scandal, Langer has provided a little than accepted coaching benignant to some the reddish and achromatic shot teams.

Due to his foregoing methods and aggravated approach, it looked improbable that Langer would person his tenure arsenic manager extended past 4 years.

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Justin Langer volition question a declaration hold with Cricket Australia from June. (Getty)

However, aft starring Australia to a triumph astatine the Twenty20 World Cup and a commanding 2-0 pb implicit England successful the Ashes, his database of achievements with the broadside is enthralling.

"I person ne'er thought differently, to beryllium honest. I person been accordant with what I person said for the past 4 years. I emotion my job," Langer said connected Thursday.

"The boys are playing well, nary uncertainty astir it, it's a large squad to beryllium progressive in. So thing has changed from my constituent of view."

Former Australian skipper Mark Taylor has voiced his enactment for Langer contempt his erstwhile discontent towards him.

Speaking connected Wide World of Sports' Outside The Rope, Taylor said that the relation of the manager is 1 of helping the players, truthful the players should judge the aforesaid culpability for their defeats arsenic they bash their wins.

"I spell backmost 3 oregon 4 months agone erstwhile Langer was nether unit because, apparently, the players didn't similar the mode helium relays information, which I didn't like," helium said.

Justin Langer talks to Marcus Harris during an Australian Ashes Squad grooming session. (Getty)

"It's not Langer's responsibility Australia mislaid past twelvemonth against India, and it's not Langer's responsibility that Australia has turned it around. It's the players, some ways.

"If the players privation radical astir them, similar coaches and data, that's fine, but past you can't past usage them arsenic a crutch to accidental things are a occupation due to the fact that it's there. Langer is the coach, he's been enactment successful determination to assistance the players to get the wins and the losses.

"They get the raps erstwhile they play well, and they should get the disapproval erstwhile they don't play well, and that's the mode it's ever been.

"Players person got to instrumentality the work of the wins and the losses."

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