Jane Powell, star of Hollywood Golden Age musicals, dead at 92

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(CNN)Jane Powell, the prima of immoderate of Hollywood's best-loved Golden Age musicals, has died astatine the property of 92.

Powell died Thursday astatine her location successful Wilton, Connecticut, her person Susan Granger told CNN connected Friday.

A megastar of philharmonic films of the 1940s and '50s, Powell's hits included "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," other Howard Keel, and "Royal Wedding," successful which she starred alongside Fred Astaire.

    Powell starred alongside Fred Astaire successful  the deed  1951 movie   "Royal Wedding."

    Powell was calved successful 1929 successful Portland, Oregon and proved a talented actor, vocalist and dancer from a precise aboriginal age.

      She appeared connected the vigor and successful theaters from the property of 5, earlier making her surface debut astatine 15 successful the 1944 movie "Song of the Open Road."

      Powell died of earthy causes astatine the location that she had shared with her 5th husband, the precocious histrion Dick Moore, Granger said.

      Powell, pictured present  successful  2007, died astatine  location  connected  Thursday astatine  the property  of 92.

      Granger and Powell became friends aft gathering connected the acceptable of "Song of the Open Road," which was directed by Granger's father, S. Sylvan Simon.

        "Jane was a loyal, lifelong friend. She's was delightfully droll and candid. You ne'er asked Jane a question you didn't privation answered with full honesty," she told CNN successful a statement.

        Powell is survived by 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

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