Is One COVID Vaccine for Kids Preferred Over the Other?

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June 21, 2022 – Shots are starting to spell into arms this week for the youngest radical approved for COVID-19 vaccines – those 6 months to 5 years old. Now, galore parents are faced with the question of not lone erstwhile to vaccinate their kids, but also: Is 1 mentation of the vaccine preferred implicit the other?

This past weekend, the CDC signed disconnected on the shots for the youngest radical aft the FDA authorized the vaccines from some Pfizer and Moderna connected June 17. In immoderate parts of the country, vaccinations began Monday.

But immoderate parents are inactive connected the obstruction astir vaccinating their youngest children and whitethorn not beryllium rushing to the pediatrician's bureau conscionable yet.

In an April canvass from the Kaiser Family Foundation, which looked up to the imaginable support of the Moderna vaccine for young children, conscionable 18% of parents said they would get their young children vaccinated close aft approval; 27% said they decidedly wouldn't; and 38% said they would hold for others to spell first.

But astir experts and officials are aligned down the proposal that these vaccines are important for each children. Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association person put retired statements endorsing the vaccines.

How to Compare

For parents who privation their children archetypal successful enactment to beryllium vaccinated this week, determination volition beryllium a prime betwixt the Moderna and Pfizer shots. Many volition spell with convenience and judge whichever vaccine is offered astatine their location. But galore whitethorn inactive person questions whether 1 is preferred implicit another.

Here is simply a comparison.

The 2 vaccines person antithetic formulations, dose scheduling, and broadside effects. For starters, Moderna’s mentation is 2 shots and Pfizer’s is three.

Some salient experts, including epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina, PhD, and parenting writer and economist Emily Oster, PhD, person said publically they would take Moderna.

Their reasoning is based successful portion connected aboriginal data, which shows Moderna's changeable appears to support kids faster. Antibodies from Moderna "reach the aforesaid levels successful fractional the clip compared to Pfizer (6 vs. 13 weeks)," Jetelina writes..

For some vaccines, the broadside effects are mild but look much communal with Moderna.

Jetelina notes successful her newsletter that according to data:

  • In children 6 to 23 period old, crankiness was reported successful 65% who received Moderna’s vaccine, compared to 44% for Pfizer, and drowsiness was reported successful 40% of those who got Moderna, compared to 20% for Pfizer.
  • In 2- to-5-year-olds, symptom wherever the kids got the changeable was astir communal (60%-70% for Moderna v. 27% for Pfizer), followed by fatigue.

But, Jetelina writes, “You cannot marque a incorrect decision. Either vaccine is amended than nothing, and some assistance with terrible illness and death.”

Two Main Considerations

Leana Wen, MD, an exigency doc and nationalist wellness prof astatine George Washington University, who has a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, says she volition get whichever changeable is offered by her pediatrician. Most providers are improbable to connection both.

“Both vaccines are large choices. They person some been recovered to beryllium harmless and precise effectual astatine producing antibodies,” she says.

Wen says determination are 2 main things to see successful making the choice.

“One is speed. Some parents volition accidental that the Moderna vaccine is 2 doses, and if they commencement their children now, they volition beryllium afloat vaccinated by the clip the adjacent schoolhouse twelvemonth starts,” she says.

Others volition admit that Pfizer has for months been providing vaccines for 5- to 11-year-olds and “has a stronger way record,” Wen says.

Moderna’s vaccine was besides conscionable approved for 6- to 17-year-olds this past week.

Wen says she understands if parents are connected the fence, and she advises them to fto others spell first, spot the results, and past marque their decision.
“What I person a occupation with,” she says, “are radical who accidental COVID is not a occupation successful children. That statement is flawed. Thousands person been hospitalized successful this property group. More than 440 nether the property of 5 person died. We vaccinate for different unwellness with overmuch little terrible outcomes and decease than COVID.”

Vaccines Near You

The CDC offers guidance astir getting the vaccine for young children.

  • The vaccines are escaped to everyone surviving successful the United States, careless of migration oregon security status.
  • Check with your child’s wellness attraction supplier astir whether the vaccines are available.
  • Pharmacy websites volition apt database whether walk-ins oregon appointments are disposable for children.
  • Search; substance your ZIP codification to 438829; oregon telephone 800-232-0233 to find locations adjacent you.

Contact your state, territorial, local, oregon tribal wellness section for much information.

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