How to Keep Cool During a Heat Wave

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June 15, 2022 – Talk astir a summertime sizzler: A record-breaking vigor question is making its mode crossed the United States this week.

Moving from the southbound and cardinal Plains, the vigor question volition exposure 230 cardinal radical to temperatures implicit 90 F, portion an estimated 45 cardinal radical volition acquisition triple-digit temperatures, according to CNN. Through Wednesday, astatine slightest 140 cities person the imaginable to scope record-high temperatures. Overall, vigor waves are becoming much frequent, with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency saying they’re occurring much often than they erstwhile did successful large cities crossed the country. (In the 1960s, the mean was 2 per year; successful the 2010s, that fig roseate to six.)

Exposure to precocious temperatures besides raises the imaginable for wellness issues associated with the heat. According to the CDC, an mean of 702 heat-related deaths hap successful the United States each year. As this week’s vigor question comes conscionable earlier the authoritative commencement of summer, work connected for a look astatine signs of heat-related unwellness and however to enactment harmless and chill arsenic temperatures rise.

Keep Your Cool – Literally

Keeping chill is cardinal to staying steadfast during a vigor wave. Staying indoors successful an air-conditioned country tin support your assemblage chill and forestall heat-related illness. If your location doesn’t person aerial conditioning, you tin sojourn nationalist spaces similar buying malls oregon libraries to enactment retired of the vigor for arsenic agelong arsenic possible. Many communities besides big designated cooling centers for anybody to sojourn and enactment retired of the blistery weather. You tin interaction your section wellness section to spot if this is imaginable successful your community.

It’s besides cardinal to enactment retired of the prima during vigor waves, says Cedric Dark, MD, an adjunct prof of exigency medicine astatine Baylor College of Medicine successful Houston.

“If you are capable to, enactment retired of heat, particularly during the hottest times of the day, usually 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.,” helium says, emphasizing the value of preventing sickness during vigor waves.

Scheduling outdoor activities and errands for the greeting oregon evening erstwhile temperatures are little harsh tin assistance forestall you from getting sick successful the heat. If you are outside, it tin besides beryllium adjuvant to deterioration lightweight covering truthful that you don’t overheat.

In dangerously blistery weather, recognizing the signs of heat-related sickness is essential. Signs see weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea, excessive sweating, and fainting. Dark describes heat-related sickness arsenic a “spectrum,” ranging from mild vigor rashes to fatal heat stroke. In cases of vigor sickness, “the champion happening to bash is to halt what you are doing, rest, get successful shadiness oregon indoors,” helium advises.

Staying hydrated is besides important for staying steadfast successful blistery weather. It’s beneficial to portion water passim the day, adjacent if you don’t consciousness thirsty, according to the CDC. If you are exercising oregon moving extracurricular during a vigor wave, drinking sports drinks tin besides assistance regenerate the salts and electrolytes mislaid from sweating. Avoiding drinks containing caffeine, sugar, oregon alcohol -- arsenic these tin each lend to dehydration successful blistery upwind -- is besides paramount.

You tin work much connected staying harmless successful utmost vigor and knowing the signs of heat exhaustion here.

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