How Much of All Money Is in Bitcoin?

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After its motorboat successful 2009, Bitcoin ushered successful a caller epoch of blockchain exertion and integer currencies. Given each the speech astir Bitcoin, you'd deliberation it would beryllium everywhere. Is that truly true? How overmuch is Bitcoin worth? Perhaps much importantly, however overmuch of the world's wealth is successful bitcoins? With the terms of BTC astatine $39,544 arsenic of July 29, 2021, it is surely worthy our clip to fig it out.

Key Takeaways

  • A bitcoin was worthy $54,572 arsenic of November 26, 2021.
  • All the bitcoins successful the satellite were worthy astir $1.03 trillion.
  • The combined worth of bitcoin was equivalent to conscionable 2.9% of the world's money.
  • Bitcoin was worthy lone astir 11.4% of the world's golden supply.
  • All cryptocurrencies combined accounted for astir 7% of the world's money.

How Much Is Bitcoin Worth?

We volition cipher the full worth of Bitcoin archetypal due to the fact that that is the casual part. According to CoinMarketCap, the worth of each the bitcoins successful the satellite was implicit $1.03 trillion arsenic of November 26, 2021. For comparison, Forbes estimated the nett worthy of Amazon (AMZN) laminitis Jeff Bezos astatine $205.7 billion. That makes the marketplace headdress of Bitcoin implicit 5 times larger than Bezos' fortune.

El Salvador made Bitcoin ineligible tender connected June 9, 2021. It is the archetypal state to bash so. The cryptocurrency tin beryllium utilized for immoderate transaction wherever the concern tin judge it. The U.S. dollar continues to beryllium El Salvador’s superior currency.

Bitcoin and the Money Supply

To get a consciousness of however overmuch of the world's wealth is successful bitcoins, we indispensable find the full magnitude of money. As it turns out, this is not the easiest question to answer. Such a calculation mightiness instrumentality into relationship dozens of categories of wealth, including banknotes, precious metals, wealth marketplace accounts, and debt. The Money Project attempted this computation successful May of 2020 and estimated astir $35.2 trillion successful planetary narrow money.

That leaves Bitcoin astatine astir 2.9% of the estimated worth of constrictive wealth from The Money Project's report.

Market capitalization is considered a arguable metric, particularly erstwhile applied to cryptocurrencies. Although it's a convenient mode to measure the full worth of an asset, it is highly taxable to manipulation.

Bitcoin vs. Gold

How does Bitcoin comparison to gold? After all, immoderate radical inactive see golden to beryllium the safest of safe haven assets. It is surely the gold standard to which different currencies indispensable beryllium compared. We statesman with the World Gold Council's figures. They estimated that astir 197,576 tonnes of golden had been mined passim past arsenic of the extremity of 2019. An mean of astir 2,500 tonnes are mined per year, truthful we tin safely estimation astir 202,291 tonnes of golden successful beingness arsenic of November 26, 2021. There are 32,150.7 troy ounces of golden successful 1 tonne, and the terms of golden per ounce is astir $1,823 arsenic of November 26, 2021. So, we tin estimation the full worth of each golden as:

202,291 tonnes of golden x 32,150.7 troy ounces per tonne x $1,823 per ounce = $11.8 trillion.

In total, the worth of each Bitcoin was astir 11.4% of the worth of each gold.

Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is the largest and best-known cryptocurrency successful the planetary economy. However, it is acold from the lone one. If we harvester Bitcoin with Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, and each different important cryptocurrencies, the full worth comes to astir $2.48 trillion. That is astir 7% of the worth of each constrictive wealth fixed above.


Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and illiquid, and they are susceptible to slippage and terms manipulation. Before investing, marque definite you recognize the risks associated with virtual assets.

Bitcoin’s Percentage of All Money FAQs 

What percent of each wealth is Bitcoin?

As of November 26, 2021, the combined marketplace worth of each existing bitcoins (market capitalization) was equivalent to 2.9% of the combined worth of the world's constrictive wealth supply.

What is the full worth of each bitcoins?

As of November 26, 2021, the combined marketplace worth of the world's bitcoins totaled implicit $1.03 trillion.

For however overmuch does Bitcoin sell?

Bitcoin prices are highly volatile and taxable to marketplace fluctuations. As of November 26, 2021, the planetary marketplace terms of a bitcoin was $54,572.

How overmuch wealth is determination successful the satellite altogether?

Based connected estimates from The Money Project, the combined worth of each the world's narrow money (coins, currency, request deposits, and different assets held by cardinal banks) was worthy $35.2 trillion arsenic of May 27, 2020.

How overmuch wealth is successful the U.S.?

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the M1 Money Supply, oregon the full magnitude of wealth successful the U.S., was $12.8 trillion successful 2020.

Investing successful cryptocurrencies and different archetypal coin offerings (ICOs) is highly risky and speculative, and this nonfiction is not a proposal by Investopedia oregon the writer to put successful cryptocurrencies oregon different ICOs. Because each individual's concern is unique, a qualified nonrecreational should ever beryllium consulted earlier making immoderate fiscal decisions. Investopedia makes nary representations oregon warranties arsenic to the accuracy oregon timeliness of the accusation contained herein. As of the day this nonfiction was written, the writer does not ain cryptocurrency.

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