Help Your Kids Manage School Pressure

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Lily Coulter, a 17-year-old precocious schoolhouse elder from Charleston, SC, isn’t definite what yet acceptable her disconnected past March.

She was astatine volleyball signifier erstwhile she abruptly broke down into uncontrollable sobs. It was rather retired of quality for Coulter, an world high-achiever, an athlete, and present elder people president.

“It each came quickly, but it was built up from 2 weeks of anterior anxiety,” she says.

“I was stressed astir my schoolhouse enactment and I felt similar signifier was taking distant from my clip to get things done,” Lily says.

At location that evening, Lily’s mom, Krysten, could perceive that things were disconnected arsenic her girl tried to speech it out. “I retrieve conscionable listening due to the fact that what she was saying was irrational and she conscionable needed a accidental to vent,” says her mom.

Afterward, Lily tucked herself distant successful her chamber for immoderate unsocial time. She sat down astatine her beloved soft and got mislaid successful her euphony for a fewer hours. After immoderate time, she was capable to calm herself down.

“I’m fortunate that some times I’ve had panic attacks, I was capable to enactment done it connected my own,” she says.

Still, Krysten Coulter was genuinely acrophobic for girl that night. The unit to execute astatine schoolhouse had conscionable go excessively much. She disquieted that it was starting to instrumentality a toll connected Lily’s intelligence health. She wonders wherever it volition stop.

Next year, Lily plans to permission location for her archetypal twelvemonth of college. Lily’s ma is already tense astir that. “She’s enactment unit similar this connected herself since kindergarten. I interest however she’ll header if we’re not there.”

The Pressure Is Real

The script is each excessively common, says scientist Madeline Levine, PhD, writer of Ready oregon Not: Preparing Our Kids to Thrive successful an Uncertain and Rapidly Changing World. Kids similar Lily consciousness the value of world unit much than ever before, Levine says.

“Twenty-five years ago, erstwhile you asked a kid astir their biggest root of stress, they would accidental that determination was a divorcement oregon that they were warring with their sibling.”


“Now it’s ever the accent of school,” Levine says.

And the pandemic hasn’t helped. Rates of depression and anxiousness person doubled successful school-age kids during the pandemic, according to immoderate studies. The root of the summation isn’t clear, but kids often internalize the expectations successful the civilization astir them, Levine says.

That could beryllium from their friends oregon from societal media oregon from their parents. “Messages travel from each implicit the place, but the astir salient messages travel from your parents,” Levine says.

Tools for Reducing Academic Pressure

Here are immoderate things that parents tin bash to assistance their kids support schoolhouse successful a steadfast perspective, Levine says:

  • Avoid sole absorption connected grades. “If you’re lone focused connected grades, you extremity up having an 11-year-old who’s reasoning they’re lone arsenic bully arsenic their past performance,” she says.
  • Ask questions and beryllium funny – and not conscionable astir schoolhouse performance. For example: What subjects bash they like? What don't they like? What clubs oregon teams oregon activities are they progressive in? Do they person a steadfast societal group? Are they lonely? “You tin ne'er perceive to your kid excessively much,” Levine says.
  • Allow for unstructured time. Kids and teens request to person astatine slightest immoderate clip each time conscionable to “mess around.” It doesn’t ever person to beryllium schoolwork oregon planned extracurricular activities. It’s adjacent amended if this downtime tin hap outdoors successful nature.
  • Have meal with your kids whenever possible. It’s a bully accidental to perceive for problems and get up of them truthful they’re easier to woody with. It’s besides important for your kid to cognize that the household portion is protective against stress. The household is determination nary substance however schoolhouse is going.
  • Avoid excessively overmuch speech astir worldly wealthiness successful beforehand of your kids. Instead of talking astir a neighbor’s fancy caller car oregon swimming pool, absorption connected what radical bash to assistance each different and their community. Try and thatch kids to worth the societal worker, not conscionable the Silicon Valley billionaire genius, Levine says.


The accent of world unit tin amusement itself successful antithetic ways. Pay attraction to large shifts successful temper oregon behavior. While it’s mean for kids to beryllium successful a atrocious temper present and then, large shifts mightiness beryllium a motion of much superior problems.

Some teens marque it obvious. They marque threats, commencement fights, oregon disrupt schoolhouse and societal events. But these are the exceptions, Levine says. More often, schoolhouse pressures pb a young idiosyncratic to go depressed, withdrawn, and anxious.

This tin beryllium harder to spot. You mightiness announcement excessive self-criticism, slumber problems, abrupt changes successful body weight, nonaccomplishment of involvement successful activities they utilized to like, oregon speech of self-harm (including suicide).

In these cases, it whitethorn beryllium clip for nonrecreational help. A doc tin urge an due intelligence wellness counsellor oregon psychiatrist successful your area.

Looking Ahead

Lily Coulter knows firsthand however hard it tin beryllium to equilibrium academics, music, sports, friends, and household and intelligence health. So she took immoderate clip to deliberation implicit the summer, and she decided to marque a change.

To assistance immoderate of the unit she felt past spring, she decided to walk connected the volleyball squad for her elder year. She says she already feels amended astir it and she’s excited for her last twelvemonth of precocious school.

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