Gus reveals blueprint behind Bulldogs revamp

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Rugby league icon Phil Gould has revealed his blueprint to revamp the Bulldogs from NRL cellar-dwellers to premiership contenders pursuing his caller assignment arsenic the club's General Manager of Football.

In 1 of the biggest caller signings crossed clubland successful caller times, it was revealed past week Canterbury had successfully lured Gould - who had spent the past twelvemonth with the Warriors arsenic a advisor – backmost to the nine helium some played with and aboriginal coached to a premiership successful 1988.

While overmuch of the excitement astir Gould's appointment has been centred connected his legacy, some with the Bulldogs and crossed the wider league, determination has been small successful mode of logistics of revitalising a earnestly struggling nine that has astatine times looked mode retired of their extent successful 2021.

Speaking connected Nine's 100% Footy, however, the antheral himself was each concern arsenic helium chopped done the pleasantries and got down to the nitty-gritty of overhauling his erstwhile club.

Gould was antecedently the General Manager of the Penrith Panthers earlier leaving the nine successful 2019 (Getty)

At the halfway of his blueprint, Gould earmarked the re-establishment of subordinate improvement pathways successful Canterbury, a trademark of his patented marque of nine management.

But possibly much pressing was a tendency to align the Bulldogs' once-fractured committee country which became a hallmark of Canterbury's derailed run successful 2020.

It culminated successful chairwoman Lynne Anderson and directors Paul Dunn and John Ballesty being stood down precocious past twelvemonth amid reports nine powerbrokers were astatine a situation point, with conflict lines being drawn betwixt the Bulldogs' leagues nine and shot operations.

And it was 1 country of absorption that Gould said was atop his database arsenic helium prepares to bring his unsocial philosophies Belmore.

"On a precise superior note, that's wherever the Bulldogs request to be. They request to person stability, semipermanent stability, and I deliberation they request to propulsion each that unneurotic truthful that everyone is successful the tent," Gould told Nine's 100% Footy.

"And that's 1 of the things we're moving truly hard connected implicit the summertime months, is to marque definite everyone feels a portion of it."

Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler respond to the Bulldogs bringing successful Phil Gould

Prior to his stint with the Warriors, Gould famously spent 8 years betwixt 2011-2019 with the Panthers arsenic their General Manager of Football. He had a immense manus successful processing the existent Penrith roster owed to his engagement successful revamping the club's improvement pathways.

Gould was instrumental successful nurturing that harvest of young talent, including the likes of Blues duo Nathan Cleary and Jarome Luai, and it's a exemplary helium is anxious to replicate astatine Canterbury with the constitution of a fully-fledged inferior academy.

"You've got to develop. I deliberation each nine has got to develop. And successful the abbreviated term, if you don't person those subordinate pathways producing talent, past you bash person to recruit," Gould said.

"Even astatine the Panthers, our purpose was 80 per cent of the roster to person travel to america arsenic teenagers and the Panthers academy. Then determination would ever beryllium marquee purchases connected apical of that implicit the years to compliment what you want. So, you're ever picking astir with marquee signings.

"If your improvement programme is producing the endowment past you're lone ever disquieted astir marquee singings astatine the apical of the roster and it gives you a accidental to bash it due to the fact that you person truthful overmuch worth successful the fellas you've produced. Now, each nine should beryllium doing that.

Phil Gould reveals wherefore he's leaving the Warriors for Bulldogs

"There were a fewer (talents) who poked done past night, and they've announced the re-signing of a fewer today. It's not arsenic though they're not producing anything, it's conscionable coming through. But erstwhile a concerted effort comes successful and erstwhile we tin bring fellas successful from extracurricular the country and enactment them successful the academy programs it increases your chances of processing endowment you tin telephone your own. You anticipation they'll enactment with the nine and physique with the nine implicit a play of time.

"But 1 of our priorities volition beryllium the concern successful the future, which is simply a inferior academy and a inferior league and everything that's happening successful the Canterbury area."

As for the remainder of the 2021 season, Gould stressed it was his ngo to get the astir retired of the resources the Bulldogs had astatine their disposal.

"This is my archetypal precedence is to marque definite we're getting everything retired of the endowment we person astatine the moment. Coaches and players," helium said.

"We person to supply an situation wherever they're each moving to their imaginable and we get the champion retired of what we've got. Kyle (Flanagan) is determination for 2 years, we've got to enactment with him and assistance him realise his potential."

Phil Gould talks with manager Ivan Cleary during a Penrith Panthers NRL grooming league astatine Sportingbet Stadium connected April 15, 2014 (Getty)

As for apt to travel conjecture astir back-of-house and on-field management, Gould said helium had held treatment with manager Trent Barrett but assured helium was lone determination to supply the tools to enactment the emerging coach.

"I've known Trent a agelong time, I was the 1 who encouraged him to beryllium a manager and gave him his archetypal opportunity," Gould said.

"We've already had a fig of discussions. And we request to assistance arsenic overmuch arsenic we can, with his unit and everyone else, and we request to assistance the players to guarantee they're improving each the time.

"Sometimes erstwhile you get into a concern similar this, coaches and players are wondering wherever their adjacent triumph volition travel from. They deliberation they tin bash it successful the enactment room, oregon they deliberation they tin bash it successful the gym, but it can't. It's got to travel from incremental betterment by players.

"There is nary casual mode retired of this situation. Truth is they're moving past and struggling to triumph games. You've conscionable got to claw your mode retired of it and that's what we'll do. And we'll springiness him each enactment to bash that."

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