Feud escalates as Aloiai makes fresh Gallen claim

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Josh Aloiai has slammed Paul Gallen arsenic "distasteful" and called into question the quality of the erstwhile Sharks star.

Aloiai was ruled retired of their bout adjacent period aft investigating affirmative for COVID-19, which Gallen described arsenic "convenient" timing.

"Josh Aloiai got what helium needed," Gallen said during a property league today, which announced erstwhile NRL subordinate Darcy Lussick arsenic his caller opponent, replacing Aloiai.

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"He doubled his Instagram followers, Manly cognize his sanction now."

Paul Gallen and Josh Aloiai travel face-to-face earlier their combat was cancelled. (Facebook)

Now Aloiai has deed back, telling Wide World of Sports Gallen had enactment his slope equilibrium up of his quality by going aft idiosyncratic who is sick with coronavirus.

"I deliberation it's truly distasteful from Paul to proceed moving idiosyncratic down successful the media erstwhile they're sick with COVID," Aloiai said.

"I deliberation the mode helium carried himself starring up to fights utilized to beryllium to merchantability the combat and present it's seeped into his quality and it's who helium truly is. One infinitesimal he's advocating for men's intelligence wellness and past he's carrying connected similar this."

Aloiai besides took purpose astatine Gallen for accepting 2 infinitesimal rounds against Darcy Lussick. The 40-year-old antecedently said helium was "embarrassed" to beryllium warring 2 infinitesimal rounds against Aloiai.

"After each the jaw jacking astir rounds and times, he's warring 3 two-minute rounds. It's truly laughable," Aloiai said.

"He'll effort blasted the precocious replacement but helium could person easy fought 1 of the galore heavyweight boxers successful Australia that would person done the expected 3 infinitesimal rounds that helium was after, couldn't he?

"Nope, helium goes with different shot player. And has the bosom to speech astir respecting boxing. Everyone with a encephalon volition spot him for what helium is now."

Josh Aloiai and Paul Gallen person erstwhile again exchanged pleasantries. (Nine)

Aloiai believes Gallen was frightened to instrumentality him on, saying: "Multiple radical from his interior ellipse told maine he's relieved astir the replacement due to the fact that helium was much uneasy than they've ever seen him starring into a fight.

"The lone times he's shown immoderate benignant of courageousness oregon assurance is erstwhile I was primitively approached to combat but was successful infirmary suffering Meningitis arsenic good arsenic a absorption to a lumbar puncture… and secondly, present that I've got COVID-19."

The caller bout featuring Lussick volition displacement from Newcastle to Sydney's Star Event Centre and volition instrumentality spot connected December 22.

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