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While astir of the large publishers took their turns presenting their upcoming slate of games earlier successful the year, EA has held disconnected for the astir part. That each changes today, arsenic 1 of the largest publishers successful the industry, is acceptable to instrumentality the integer signifier erstwhile much and unveil much astir what's coming adjacent for fans of Battlefield, Madden, FIFA, and different surprises!

As always, your friends astatine Game Informer will beryllium determination to screen each the amusive from today's EA Play Live. Join Alex Stadnik and Alex Van Aken arsenic they respond to each the news, gameplay, and hopefully a fewer surprises on the way. The amusement starts astatine noon CT but we'll beryllium kicking disconnected the amusive 15 minutes aboriginal with our preshow to sermon our hopes and dreams for today's integer event.

While we cognize games specified arsenic Skate 4, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age 4 won't beryllium contiguous astatine today's amusement (sorry, Liana), the crown jewel of today's festivities is undoubtedly Battlefield 2042. Developer DICE is giving players different look astatine the bombastic caller shooter, including a substantive look astatine the caller crippled mode and maps the institution has been teasing. 

Sports fans are besides successful luck, arsenic EA is acceptable to springiness america different peek astatine what it has cooking with this year's Madden NFL 22 and FIFA 22 up of their respective August 24 and October 1 merchandise dates.

What are you astir excited to spot from today's EA Play Live? What surprises bash you deliberation the publishing elephantine has successful store for us? Be definite to fto america cognize successful some the comments beneath and erstwhile we spell unrecorded successful our Twitch chat!

For much connected Battlefield 2042, beryllium definite to cheque retired our look astatine however the AI works successful DICE's latest shooter, our chat astir the crippled connected an occurrence of The GI Show, and a look astatine immoderate gameplay close here!

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