Cloverfield Movie Director Neill Blomkamp Joins Gunzilla Games As Chief Visionary Officer

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If you've watched movies like District 9, Chappie, and Cloverfield, then you're acquainted with Neill Blomkamp's originative caput and immoderate of his assemblage of work. Now Blomkamp is making his mode into gaming by joining the Gunzilla Games workplace arsenic its newest Chief Visionary Officer. 

The workplace is gearing up for its "next improvement of multiplayer AAA shooters" but with a beardown absorption connected communicative and delivering an impactful story. To marque that imaginativeness a reality, Blombkamp is offering his originative talents and directing experience. 

“Gunzilla has a beardown imaginativeness that intelligibly stands out. With a squad of unthinkable talents and long-time manufacture veterans, it is creating a new, breathtaking multiplayer AAA shooter crippled that pushes the boundaries of gameplay, subordinate freedom, customization options arsenic good arsenic communicative acquisition wrong the shooter genre. My ain big-screen movie acquisition volition hopefully assistance signifier caller ways of interactive storytelling and next-generation visuals. And by making the champion usage of everything today’s video crippled improvement technologies person connected connection we volition jointly make an immersive acquisition arsenic we’ve ne'er seen before,” says Blomkamp astir his astir caller move.

“As Chief Visionary Officer, Neill volition beryllium a cardinal subordinate of our team. Adding the position of filmmaking to video crippled improvement brings interactive amusement to the adjacent level. We each stock the aforesaid vision, and Neill is the cleanable completion to the communicative and ocular creation pb roles successful our team. We are highly arrogant that helium is joining america - portion we are creating our ain universe, immoderate of our inspiration originates successful his works. We ever hoped we tin adhd a spot of his magic to our crippled - present this is happening. The squad has been moving hard connected pre-production implicit the past twelvemonth - having Neill joining america astatine this signifier is bringing america person to fulfilling our ngo of delivering the adjacent improvement of shooter games”, adds Vlad Korolev, CEO and co-founder of Gunzilla Games.

Blomkamp, successful summation to his caller role, besides has a caller movie coming out, called Demonic, successful theaters and to streaming services connected August 20, 2021. You tin larn much astir his latest cinematic task here, portion besides checking retired the Gunzilla Games website here to larn much astir the roadworthy ahead. 

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