Can the Flu Vaccine Help Keep Older Minds Sharp?

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June 30, 2022 – For older adults, getting the yearly flu shot whitethorn bash much than support against the flu. It whitethorn besides trim the hazard of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

In a ample survey of vaccinated and unvaccinated adults ages 65 and older, those who received astatine slightest 1 influenza vaccine were little apt than unvaccinated peers to get Alzheimer’s implicit the people of 4 years.

But it’s not a 1 and done. The spot of the protective effect accrued with the fig of years that a idiosyncratic received an yearly flu shot, specified that the complaint of processing Alzheimer’s was lowest successful radical who consistently got the flu vaccine each year.

"Influenza corruption tin origin superior wellness complications, peculiarly successful adults 65 and older," says Avram Bukhbinder, MD, with UTHealth successful Houston.

"Our study's findings – that vaccination against the flu microorganism whitethorn besides trim the hazard of Alzheimer's dementia for astatine slightest a fewer years – adds to the already compelling reasons to speech with your doc astir getting the flu vaccine annually," helium says.

This survey "suggests that flu vaccination whitethorn beryllium invaluable for maintaining cognition and representation arsenic we age. This is adjacent much applicable contiguous successful the COVID-19 environment," says Heather Snyder, PhD, with the Alzheimer's Association.

More than 6 cardinal Americans are living with Alzheimer's. By 2050, this fig is projected to emergence to astir 13 million, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

The Houston researchers compared the hazard of Alzheimer’s successful astir 935,000 flu-vaccinated adults and a akin fig of non-vaccinated adults ages 65 and older.

Over the people of 4 years, astir 5% of flu-vaccinated adults got Alzheimer’s disease, compared to astir 9% of adults who weren’t vaccinated.

The hazard of getting Alzheimer’s illness was 40% little successful the vaccinated group.

The evident protective effect connected dementia whitethorn not beryllium circumstantial to the flu vaccine. Past studies person recovered ties betwixt different big vaccinations – including those for tetanus, polio, herpes, and pneumonia – and a little hazard of dementia.

And arsenic much clip passes since the instauration of the COVID-19 vaccine, it volition beryllium worthy investigating whether a akin relation exists betwixt COVID-19 vaccination and a little hazard of Alzheimer’s disease, the researchers say.

Snyder cautions that it’s "too aboriginal to archer if getting flu vaccine, connected its own, tin trim hazard of Alzheimer’s. More probe is needed to recognize the biologic mechanisms down the results successful this study."

"For example, it is imaginable that radical who are getting vaccinated besides instrumentality amended attraction of their wellness successful different ways, and these things adhd up to little hazard of Alzheimer’s and different dementias," Snyder says. "It is besides imaginable that determination are issues related to unequal entree and/or vaccine hesitancy and however this whitethorn power the survey colonisation and the probe results.”

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