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USPS slow down causing headaches for small central Ohio business owners

 COLUMBUS, Ohio — Business owners in central Ohio are among many hoping packages being shipped through USPS make it to their destination in time for the holidays.

Owners said they saw an increase in business on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but when they hand-delivered their items to the post office, problems began.

“I found actually 14 of those packages were “missing.” You could see that they hadn’t been scanned. You would see that I had printed a shipping label in my business shop but they had not been scanned by the post office,” said Prayer Warrior Gifts Owner Abbey Morante.

Morante works on custom made rosaries which she ships across the United States. She said she’s never experienced any issues with USPS until this summer when someone filled in for her usual service route worker.

She began taking any items she ships to the post office herself to ensure their delivery. But she is advising other business owners to take extra steps to make sure their products don’t get lost.

“If you don’t buy insurance on your packages, it’s problematic because the post office will not take ownership of the packages until they have actually been scanned by a human being at a specific location,” Morante said.

Several people across the country have experienced similar issues of their packages being listed in a specific location for weeks or not listed in the system at all.

The United States Postal Service released a statement stating a record amount of mail is in the system and COVID-19 has created an employee shortage. The statement also said the service is having capacity challenges with airlifts and trucking, resulting in delays.

Large companies like FedEx, UPS and Amazon have delivery services that may run faster, but local businesses want customers to know they should be patient as resources are more limited for them.

“I think some customers are becoming frustrated with small businesses because you know, we just can’t compete with folks like Amazon who have their own fleet of shipping vehicles,” said NatterDoodle owner Natalie Praiano.

Pariano began her business online and has used USPS for years, even shipping internationally. She said while she still supports the service, she understands the frustration.

“We were shipping things from here in Clintonville to Bexley that didn’t get there until just yesterday from Nov. 29,” Pariano said.

She said USPS often offers better shipping fees for small businesses compared to other shipping services like FedEx and UPS. She is suggesting local customers order curbside pickup if they want their items more urgently.

USPS said they are working to get items to their destination quicker. You can find more information on USPS holiday shipping 

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