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Columbus restaurants and bars get creative amid coronavirus shutdown

COLUMBUS, Ohio —Times are tough for many central Ohio restaurants and days these days.
"We went from our best week of sales to essentially having to scramble to stay in business overnight," said FUSIAN co-founder Stephan Harman. "Rather than just giving up, we’re trying to fight through this in any way we can." Columbus Political News
With so many central Ohio bars and restaurants closed for businesses, many may be wondering what is happening to all of the food deliveries. Harman had the same thought. So he and his co-founders came up with a plan.

Columbus Govt Shutdown all the Restaurants and Bars in Columbus 

"We feel like we have an opportunity here to take fresh food that otherwise would go bad and get it into the hands of people living in their homes right now, Columbus News in seamless ways, and ultimately keep the supply chain moving," Harman said. "Right now, with restaurants being closed, we have a golf ball in the garden hose situation, and we’re trying to clear that up and hopefully inspire other restaurants that are able to do what we’re doing to do the same." Columbus Medical News FUSIAN launched FUSIAN grocery on its website. The new program allows customers to buy fresh produce and some pantry staples directly from the restaurant. They can pick it up the groceries at the restaurant or have them delivered for $1.
"We want to create as much versatility in our supply, in our grocery list, as possible so people can take the avocado that they would have put in the California roll and make guacamole with it," he said. "Ultimately if we can get food from here to your house, that’s a win for all of us."
Meanwhile, Watershed Kitchen and Bar is finding new ways to quench customers' thirsts. Columbus Distribution Services

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