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Columbus family says everything lost in flood

COLUMBUS (WCMH) —The rains overnight were no surprise, but what residents in southwest Columbus found this morning left them salvaging, cleaning, and looking for a place to live. Flooding turned neighborhood streets into creeks and rivers.

Heavy Flood in Columbus 

“Just woke up this morning and all the properties were flooded,’ said Laura Rogers when she began pointing down the street. “I notice water rushed across the street and I went on to work with fingers crossed and hope for the best.” Columbus News Latest Updates
Two hours later her husband called to tell her she needed to come back.
“We have close to two feet of water inside our house so we just pretty much lost everything inside of our home,” Rogers said while nodding her head. Columbus News
Rogers’ family planned on saving money just in case the social isolation for Columbus COVID-19 got worse. That plan has been thrown out the window.
“Now we're seeing were going to have to use that money to get a hotel and try to replace what we lost inside of our home.”

The plan now is to salvage as much as possible just in case criminals realize they are not there and decide to loot.
“Like my husband just said, ‘Let’s think positive, let’s not think negative and just move forward,'” she recited. “There’s nothing else you can do.” Columbus Press Release Distribution

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